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Our Slow Motion Booth is the perfect thing to truly set your wedding apart and to create some incredible memories The perfect photo booth

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alternative. Here are some of the unique benefits of having our slow motion booth at your wedding:

  • Entertain Your Guests – With instant replay your guests will laugh and be inspired as they watch themselves perform in slow motion. The booth is sure to be full of laughter and excitement.
  • Unique Wedding Favor – In addition to or as a substitute for wedding favors, the creatively edited video that results from your slow motion booth will give your guests something to remember your day for a lifetime. It’s sure to make their day and be something they talk about for a long, long time.See Another Side of Your Guests – You’d be surprised who you see in the booth and what shenanigans they get up to. Here’s your opportunity to see friends and family having fun in a whole new way.